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The Barbie Story

It all started when Ruth Handler noticed her daughter Barbara playing with paper dolls and imagining them in grown-up roles. Realizing that dolls on the market at the time were all baby dolls, Ruth saw a need for a doll that would inspire little girls to think about what they wanted to be when they grew up. Thus the idea for Barbie doll, the teenage fashion model, was born. Ruth named the doll Barbie, after her daughter--and the rest is history.

50 years. 100+ careers. Barbie is the original billboard for "girl power." From fairy to fashionista, princess to President, Barbie has inspired several generations of girls to dream, discover and explore a world without limits - all without ever leaving their playrooms. For girls, play is a vital part of growing up and role play leads to real play. Barbie leads by example, inspiring girls to live out their dreams and encouraging them to aspire to be anything. Way more than just a fashionista, Barbie encourages girls to imagine themselves in and "try on" different careers and personalities.

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